Not much progress so far…

I intended to get this thing going a lot more quickly but I suppose life had another idea in mind. I experienced the death of a former long-term boyfriend and still close friend in the last few weeks. It was quite unexpected and I guess in many ways I have not handled it well. I have still been doing things in the background but essentially everything has come to a halt in my life, as I go through the grieving process.

I am going to be working on my blog and the next few weeks so hopefully that will be some interesting content soon! And of course, I continue to make memes in the background ???

*TAP, TAP… Is This Thing On?

Soooo, this is probably long overdue. After suffering the cruel and undeserved Zucc many times over on the Facebook, I decided that censorship isn’t really my thing. Now I got my own place and I really CAN say what I want!! Also, I can post all the stupid memes the universe forces me to create ?